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Developer Docs

If you’re ready to build applications on Morph, you're in the right place.

For those who are regular users or visiting for the first time, we recommend starting with our For Users section to explore introductory content such as definitions, our vision, key concepts, and more.


What is Morph?

Morph is the first optimistic zkEVM Ethereum Layer 2 solution that is 100% EVM compatible. Building on Morph is just like building on Ethereum. If you’re experienced in Ethereum development, you'll find your existing code, tooling, and dependencies are fully compatible with Morph.

Getting Started

To help you get started, here’s a recommended navigation through our documentation:

Fundamental Concepts: Start here to learn the core components of Morph, including Morph’s Modular Design, the Decentralized Sequencer Network, and the Responsive Validity Proof system.

Advanced Concepts: Dive deeper into topics such as understanding transaction costs on Morph and differences between Morph and Ethereum.

Developer Guides: Access comprehensive guides on verifying smart contracts, running a Morph node, deploying contracts, and more.

Developer Resources: Find detailed API methods, contract addresses and other useful developer resources.

Engage in Our Developer Community​

We're actively enhancing our network with more integrations and support infrastructure, progressing towards our Mainnet release. Join our growing developer community. You can find us on Discord or follow our progress on Twitter.