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Ethereum Sepolia ETH Faucet

To use Morph's public testnet, obtain testnet ETH on Sepolia, then bridge it to the Morph testnet.

Here are a few Sepolia faucet apps:

Once you receive ETH on Sepolia, you should see it in your wallet on the Sepolia Network.

It may take a few seconds for them to appear, but you can check the status by looking for a transaction to your address on the Sepolia Block Explorer.

Morph Sepolia ETH Faucet

External Faucet

You can use the LearnWeb3 faucet to get testnet ETH on the Morph L2 directly:

Morph ERC20 Faucet


Currently, we set the limit that for each discord user, you can only request the tokens once every 24 hours.

You can obtain morph's version of USDT on Sepolia through our discord faucet, here's how it works:

  1. Join our discord server through this link

  2. Find the #| discord-faucet channel

  3. type /faucet in the channel and add your Sepolia address behind it.


  1. Wait for a few seconds.


  1. Once succeeded, you will see this in the channel.


  1. Add the Morph Sepolia USDT information to your wallet

Sepolia address: "0x5F4c7D793D898e64eddd1fC82D27EcfB5F6e4596"

Morph Sepolia address: "0xB4A71512cf4F3A8f675D2aeC76198D6419D219C7"

  1. Check you wallet for USDT balance and start to bridge!