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Morph Points

To bring our community even closer to the action, we're excited to announce the Morph Zoo

  • a multiphase program designed to engage, reward, and celebrate the vibrant ecosystem within our testnet and, eventually, our mainnet. Our aim is to immerse you in our world, one where consumer needs are prioritized and where your input directly impacts our growth trajectory.

Morph Points are used to measure your engagement and contributions within the Morph ecosystem with a variety of campaigns which will be listed in Morph Zoo. They represent your active participation and achievements in our world.

Morph Zoo's Season 1: The Genesis Jungle was officially launched on May 13, 2024.

How Do I Earn Morph Points?

To earn Morph points, you can participate in the following activities within Season 1:

  1. Engage with our ecosystem DApps. The more you do, the more you earn!
  2. Check in daily to earn voting power, which can then be used to vote for your favorite projects. Voting earns you Morph Points!
  3. Lastly, you can earn additional points by participating in events organized by Morph partners.

Where will Morph Points be displayed?

Morph Points for season 1 will be recorded on the "My Points" page of the official campaign site. However, please note that Morph Points earned through dapp engagement will be calculated and displayed at the conclusion of the event, along with the final tally of all points earned through all activities.

What can I do with Morph Points?

Morph points will play an important role when taking into account future airdrops and other exclusive rewards. Stay tuned for more!

Can I transfer Morph Points?

No. Morph Points are linked to specific users and wallets with no way to transfer. It's time to explore Morph's Genesis Jungle, discovering special dapps while earning generous Morph Points as you do!