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Wallet Setup


To interact with dApps on Morph, you need a compatible wallet. Below are some example wallets and configuration tips.


  • Installation: MetaMask can be installed from their official website.
  • Importing Configurations: To set up MetaMask for Morph Testnet, click the "add to wallet" buttons on the Morph Testnet homepage. This will automatically import the chain ID and RPC URLs for the Morph Testnet.
  • Using Ethereum Sepolia Testnet: Morph Testnet utilizes the Ethereum Sepolia testnet as its underlying L1, which is already configured in MetaMask by default. To access it, enable "Show/hide test networks" in the MetaMask network selection dropdown.

Manual network configuration

Currently, the Add to wallet links may not be compatible with all wallets yet. If you are having issues using them, you may need to manually add the Sepolia Testnet and Morph by inserting the configuration details from the table below:

Network Configuration


You can use any of the following 3 rpc for connections:
NameRPC Url(s)Chain IDBlock explorerSymbol
Morph Testnethttps://rpc-testnet.morphl2.io2710https://explorer-testnet.morphl2.ioETH
Ethereum Sepoliahttps://eth-sepolia-public.unifra.io11155111https://sepolia.etherscan.ioETH

You can also visit chainlist to add Morph testnet and sepolia