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Welcome to Morph!

Thank you for choosing Morph! We're excited to have you onboard with the first optimistic ZK-EVM scaling solution for Ethereum. Morph is designed to meet a variety of needs, and you can easily navigate to the most relevant information for your interests.


Beta Testnet Stage: Morph is currently in the beta testnet phase, offering a brand-new platform for exploration. We encourage you to delve into its features and capabilities.

Web3 Enthusiasts: If you are a web3 enthusiast who wants to try out the Morph, you can start with how to connect to Morph.

Researchers: For those seeking in-depth understanding of Morph's unique offerings compared to other solutions, the how Morph works section is your go-to resource for comprehensive details.

Developers: As a skilled developer ready to build on Morph, the developer documentation provides all necessary resources and guides to kickstart your development journey.

Looking for help

Having issues while developing or exploring? Join our discord channel and talk to us in the right channel. We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience, too.